The Princess and the Dragon Part 5 V.1

They stared at each other, heads tilting in synch. His silver scales almost blinded Elida and his eyes reflected a warped image of her face. She turned her head when he turned his, or was he tracing her movements?

Finally, she heard Ula shouting at her about a treat. A treat? Oh, the treat! Both Elida and her daroc looked at the treat in her hand then at Ula. Ula took several steps back before she regained her composure. She exhaled forcefully after they looked back to each other. Ula’s heart pounded roughly in her ears and neck.

Suddenly, the daroc had swallowed the treat and Elida was leaning against the table, her arms around his neck and his neck wrapped around hers, his head resting on her shoulder.

Elida patted his chest and pushed away. He licked her face and withdrew, settling into a small ball. She stroked his head and announced, “his name is Jaslin.” With that, and a little struggle, she lifted Jaslin into her arms and walked out of the Hatchery.

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