Bordelon Detective Agency Part 6 V.1

The room was stale and musty. An expansive silence held the thin layer of green-gray dust in place. My head felt so heavy, as though it was stuck to the chair.

Carefully, I peeled myself up and out of the inviting plush cushions. My clothes stuck rudely, sweaty and crumpled. I tugged uselessly at them before shambling towards the Refreshnr. A soft low buzz crept around as I moved deeper into the apartment. I stepped into the tight white Refreshnr rectangle and selected one of the preset outfits. Every time he saw me using it, Bo whined that I had to either design my own outfit each time or program my own designs over the presets. It was something about integrity and his appearance. I began to Refresh only after he was fully immersed in his Spiral.

Now clean and clad in a soft grey jumpsuit with a silky white belt, I stepped back into the gloom of the living space. My soft, dry skin crackled and my hair stood on end. The buzz filling the apartment was deafening.

I covered my ears with my hand and shoulder and took two steps forward, then half a step back to lean against the wall. The sound was so loud and drilling through my head. With a bright blue flash, silence popped back into the room and the Tube belched forth two dark-clothed figures.

The first one stepped aside, their head swiveling back and forth. The second one darted over and around and pushed me across the room into the Tube.

The Melody, different yet again, smoothed through my mind.

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